Southern Charm Gelato

What is Gelato

Gelato is often compared to ice cream because it is a frozen, creamy product, but there are actually many differences. Unlike American ice cream, which contains 10-20% butterfat, gelato contains anywhere from 3-8% butterfat. The United States Department of Agriculture has designated that any product under 10% cannot legally be called ice cream. As a result, gelato will never be able to take the ice cream name. Gelato is able to keep the low percentages of butterfat because we only use 3% milk instead of cream, raw eggs and butter in our production.

Another feature of gelato that separates itself from American ice cream is the amount of air that is incorporated into the product. Most American style ice creams incorporate anywhere from 75%-100% of air. Gelato, however, incorporates a maximum of 20%. As a result, the gelato flavors are intensified because the butterfat acts as a dam and dilutes or blocks the flavors.

What does all of this mean? Simply, that gelato is the most intense, silky, dense, cool, and flavorful “ice cream style” product that you will ever taste. The flavor is simply indescribable. An added bonus: because of all these factors, gelato is much healthier than ice cream.

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